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Philips SHP9500 Professional Earphone with 3m Long Wired Headphones for xiaomi SamSung S9 S10 MP3 Support official verification

Price: 195.30 - 83.98

Product Feature:

1.Philips SHP9500 is a real HIFI headset,it can really reproduce the pure music emotion.
2.Open acoustic back cover structure enhances the transparency of sound quality.
3.Breathable ear pads,comfortable to wear,without any sense of oppression.
4.Steel headband design makes the headset’s strength and durability much higher,even if you are in motion, do not have to worry about headphone damage.
5.When you do not want to disturb the people around the rest, 3m long headset line can make you enjoy the wonderful music in the room.

Product Paramenters:

1.Product Brand: Philips
2.Product Model: Philips SHP9500
3.Wear Style: Headset
4.Functional Use: Music & Movie & Game
5.Wire Control: Support
6.Microphone: Support
7.Noise Reduction Function: Support
8.Headphone Plug: 3.5mm Plug
9.Wire Length: 3 meters


1*Philips SHP9500+1*Manual(With Package)

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